Shenandoah University recognizes that students who transfer, arrive in our classrooms with diverse levels of education and life experiences.

It is our goal to help meet the needs of these students and transition smoothly into the Shenandoah program of their choice.

The admissions process was very easy because my admissions counselor was friendly, informative and willing to answer my questions. During orientation, I was asked to be a part of a few school traditions, and that eased my transition into the school because I was able to meet future friends and professors. The community at Shenandoah is warm and welcoming. I don’t ever feel like I will get lost in the crowd. I enjoy the fact that the school is small, because as soon as I transferred I wasn’t forgotten; I was welcomed into the Shenandoah community.

Ivanna Mendez
Biology, ’13 & Current Physical Therapy Student
Transfer Student