Apply NOW to the Career Switcher Program!

Here are step-by-step guidelines for applying to Shenandoah University’s Career Switcher Program:


Submit a Career Switcher Advanced Deposit Form and a Career Switcher Program Application Form:

Career Switcher Advanced Deposit Form Fall 2015
Career Switcher Advanced Deposit Form Spring 2016

Career Switcher Program Application Form

Advanced Tuition Deposit
A non-refundable, $100 deposit must be submitted with your Career Switcher application, as a limited number of slots are available each semester in the Career Switcher program. This deposit reserves a position for you in the next Career Switcher class.  This deposit is applied towards your Career Switcher tuition, with the balance of tuition due at the time of registration.

Please complete the Career Switcher Application Form and mail it, along with the advanced tuition deposit form and your $100 payment to:

Shenandoah University
Office of Education Outreach
ATTN: Dennis Keffer
1460 University Drive
Winchester, VA 22601

You only need to submit these two documents to reserve a spot in an upcoming program
.  (We prefer that you mail us additional required documents as you acquire them).


Look into preparing for and scheduling PRAXIS II as soon as possible. These exams are required in order to join the program and take significant time to schedule.  The PRAXIS II should be taken in the subject(s) you wish to teach. The test measures your knowledge of the subject matter.

For a complete list of PRAXIS II test identifiers recognized by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), click PRAXIS II TEST CODES and then print.

Only a single passing PRAXIS II score is required for entry into our program.  Students holding multiple endorsements are also accepted into our Career Switcher program.

For general information about the Praxis II Exams, visit ETS’ WEBSITE.  For specific information about indvidual tests, review the PRAXIS II Test Preparation section of ETS’ website.

Most PRAXIS II tests are given at a central location, on Saturdays. It is important to plan ahead as deadlines exist and late registration fees can be expensive.  Please check the ETS website for current scheduled PRAXIS II TEST DATES AND LOCATIONS.

Allow four weeks after you take the test to get the results, which are to be forwarded to the Coordinator of Education Outreach via email.


Take the VCLA ( Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment) test.  The VCLA is a general test that does not have a mathematics component. This test is available in both paper and electronic versions.  Tests are delivered in a central testing center. The test includes multiple-choice questions in reading and comprehension, and a writing test that includes two essay sections.  You must take both the reading and writing assessments.

Sample tests can be downloaded from both the VCLA and ETS websites referenced above.   Retail on-site and online bookstores will have study guides for most PRAXIS II tests and the VCLA test.


Submit remaining documents to the Office of Education Outreach as you receive them.  Those documents include your official, sealed transcripts from all previous colleges or universities attended, your official test scores and a resume.  These documents are in addition to your advanced tuition deposit and your application.

About six weeks prior to the scheduled start date of the next session (Fall or Spring), the Coordinator will forward an email regarding your current application status, registration instructions and details on how to initiate your Criminal Background Check.  The Coordinator of Education Outreach will inform you via email when you are fully qualified for the Career Switcher program.

All application materials and final tuition payment must be submitted to the Coordinator approximately three (3) weeks prior to the beginning of the program.  The exact date is provided to students in the registration materials.

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