Sharing Our Story: What is in Shenandoah’s Bundle?

Sharing Our Story: What is in Shenandoah’s Bundle?


Within the university signature, the crest reflects the stained glass windows of the United Methodist chapel on the original campus of Dayton, Va., The design within the crest depicts the mountains and rivers of the Shenandoah Valley. Two stars represent the Native American meaning of the word Shenandoah—“daughter of the stars”—as well as the two locations the university has occupied during its 137-year history, first in Dayton and now in Winchester.


Represents the exciting moment of completion for a graduate, who dons graduation robes and experiences commencement with family and friends. It signals the end of one journey and the beginning of another. It represents the moment each graduate joins the ranks of those who have finished their courses of study to embrace the rights and privileges of alumni status.


Signify professional-level accomplishments. Each hood displays specific colors pertinent to specific academic disciplines of study


Connect us to the pride we feel in the academic prowess and community experienced by students and faculty in individual schools and academic divisions.


Worn by members of the academy, the presence of caps and gowns at celebratory events such as freshman convocation, baccalaureate and commencement remind us of the close relationships established between Shenandoah students, faculty, staff and alumni. They represent a community that works together to foster an environment rich in creativity energy and intellectual challenge.


Represents the chain of leadership from the beginning of the institution in 1875 to present. There are 16 presidents’ names listed on the chain that holds the medallion, the symbol of the president’s authority and leadership.


Represents the global opportunities available for Shenandoah University students, faculty and staff to broaden their perspectives as global citizens, able to understand and interact with people and cultures outside their own experiences.


Represent the 400 live performances a year that students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members can enjoy through Shenandoah’s vibrant artistic community.


The United Methodist Church’s logo on Goodson Chapel represents Shenandoah’s spiritual heritage, affiliation with the United Methodist Church and a tradition of outreach to people of all faiths and religious traditions.


The university’s mascot, symbolizes school pride and the spirit of competitive sport and friendship associated with Shenandoah’s role in Division III intercollegiate athletics.


Symbolizes the tools Shenandoah students use to navigate the journey away from their families and toward self-discovery. It’s the hero’s journey toward understanding, knowledge, personal growth and challenge.