Student Accounts

Our Office provides financial counseling for students and parents and approves and processes in-house payment plans.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Accounts Office is to provide the highest standard of service by maintaining accurate student financial records while consistently adhering to the policies and practices of Shenandoah University.

The Guiding Principals of the Student Accounts Office are:

  • To provide timely, accurate and efficient services to our customers
  • To provide effective dialogue and communication
  • To perform all duties with the utmost integrity and honesty
  • To promote a positive, just and equitable work environment
  • To ensure a quality workforce equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge

Student Accounts 
1460 University Drive 
Winchester, VA 22601 
Phone: (540) 665-4607 & (540) 542-6519
Fax: (540) 665-5433

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Sherry Whitelaw 
Director of Student Accounts 
Phone: (540) 665-4607


Donna Aclin 
Office of Student Accounts  
Phone: (540) 542-6519

Student Accounts

The Basics

1. Apply to Shenandoah University. Contact the Office of Admissions to apply to Shenandoah University. Financial aid is not awarded until a student has been accepted to the university. However, if necessary, an estimate of aid available from Shenandoah can be made. A student’s application for admission will be used for consideration for forms of…Read More

Special Purpose Fees

Shenandoah University Special Purpose Fees   Degree or Certificate Seeking $30 Non- Degree Seeking $20 Applied Music Lessons-Elective Studies Major (one hour) Lesson $550/lesson Minor (one hour) Lesson $300/lesson Deposits- New Students Undergraduate Tuition Deposit $300 Graduate Tuition Deposit (AT, OT, PA, PT) $500 Pharmacy Tuition Deposit $1000 Deposit- Returning Students Room Lottery Deposit $100/year…Read More

Payment Information

Payment Options
Tuition for Term I (Fall) is due on August 15th.

Tuition for Term II (Spring) is due on December 15th.

Tuition, Housing & Fees 2014-2015

  Undergraduate Table TUITION   Full-Time (12-18 credit hours) $14,499/term Part-Time/Overload Fee $843/credit Audited Courses $265/credit NCLEX Review $350/course CURRICULUM/MANDATORY FEES   Applied Music Lessons Major (one hour) Lesson $450/course Minor (one half hour) Lesson $275/course Conservatory Fee (Full-time student) $850/term Conservatory Fee (Part-time student) $175/term Clinical Fee $175/clinical Private Instruction $855/credit Student Services Fee…Read More

Shenandoah University Payment Plan

  The Shenandoah University payment plan is available to both undergraduate and graduate students who have been accepted into a degree seeking program at Shenandoah University. An application to participate in the payment plan must be submitted annually. The deadline to submit an application is July 1st. The payment plan consists of 4 payments per…Read More

Commuter Meal Plans

The Premier Plan (15 per week) $1,575/term The Deluxe Plan (10 per week) $1,250/term The Commuter Express (5 per week)    $650/term The Select Plan (50 per term)    $515/term  Commuter meal plans must be paid in full at the beginning of each term. Commuter meal plans are not included in the Shenandoah University Payment…Read More

Policies & Procedures

Shenandoah University Financial Policies & Procedures Tuition must be paid in full at the beginning of each new term, unless the student/parent has applied and been approved to participate in the Shenandoah University Payment Plan. Students/Parents who are receiving an outside scholarship, are in the verification process, and/or awaiting loan approval, must pay the full…Read More